Controversy on MS Dhoni caught out in ‘Illegal’ act

Dhoni appeared to not ground his bat, while completing a run off the last ball of Lyon’s final spell, as Adam Gilchrist picked up in commentary.

Umpires were completely unaware of the technically illegal act, which should have resulted in India being docked one run.There was no suggestion that Dhoni failed to make his ground intentionally but it was still a strange moment.

Photo Courtesy:Twitter

As per the ICC rulebook, a team could be handed 5 penalty runs if the batsman is found guilty of not completing a run deliberately. Sri Lanka vs England Test match at the Pallekele is the most recent example of the same.

“If either umpire considers that one or both batsmen deliberately ran short at that umpire’s end, the umpire concerned shall, when the ball is dead, call and signal Short run and inform the other umpire of what has occurred and apply 18.5.2”, the rulebook reads.

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