Brendon McCullum, game by game predictions

Find out India will lose to which side?
Former New Zealand captain wicket keeper batsman Brendon McCullum predicted the result game by game of ongoing ICC World Cup 2019, which started on May 30.

McCullum took to Instagram to make a unique prediction about all the teams. According to McCullum, England and India will top the point table with 8 wins each.

The former opener also named the sides which will defeat India and England in the group stages.

McCullum said that India will encounter their only loss in the World Cup against hosts England, whereas England will lose to Australia but win all their matches to safely qualify into the semis.

The third team to qualify for the semi-finals of World Cup 2019 will be Australia with 6 wins. McCullum stated that Australia will lose against India, West Indies, and Pakistan in the group stages.

Courtesy: Instagram

However it is not clear that which will be the fourth team from McCullum’s predictions to qualify for the semifinals. As the former captain predicted that New Zealand, West Indies, South Africa and Pakistan will be tied with 5 wins .

He also predicted that rain and luck will likely play a part in this fourth team decider and he hoped that his mother nation New Zealand gets a little bit of luck and can qualify.

Interestingly, the matches of World Cup 2019 so far have all gone according to McCullum’s predictions.

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