Virat Kohli Defended Steve Smith From Jeering Indian Fans

A section of the Indian crowd started booing for Smith and called him a ‘cheater’. Virat Kohli gestured to Indian fans to leave Steve Smith alone, signalling them to applaud him at The Oval.

Steven Smith and David Warner, who faced a year-long ban after ball-tampering, have borne the brunt of fans as they returned to international cricket in the World Cup. After getting booed at the arm-up game between Australia and England, Smith received flak from the Indian fans in their game with India.

During India’s innings, Steve Smith received a lot of stick from the Indian fans who continually booed him while he was fielding on the boundary. But incredibly, Virat Kohli stepped up to silence the majority Indian crowd at The Oval asking them to clap for the Australian instead.

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