MS Dhoni hanging up his boots

MS Dhoni arranges a press conference for alleged retirement as fans go crazy on Social media.

Dhoni has called for a press conference at 7 pm on Thursday where he might announce the decision to hang his boots.

Dhoni’s fans have gotten emotional as many of them have posted messages anticipating his retirement later in the day. Supporters also noticed a random post from Virat Kohli, which commemorated about India vs Australia game. The duo scored a handful of runs to take the game away from the Aussies and clinch it.

Courtesy: Twitter

Whenever the former Indian Skipper is off the field, there are plenty of talks over his alleged retirement, which could come as a bombshell for the rest of the world. Many believed that the ICC World Cup 2019 was the end of his career but Dhoni didn’t hang up his boots and requested the BCCI for a 2-month leave to serve the Parachute Regiment of the Indian army.

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